Google Adwords cover story

Google to allow ad campaigns to be exported to third party ad networks using its API

Google Adwords cover storyAs part of it’s settlement agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Google will begin to allow ad campaigns to be exported to third party ad networks using its API.

At the time of the settlement, Google reported this on their blog:

Advertisers can already export their ad campaigns from Google AdWords. They will now be able to mix and copy ad campaign data within third-party services that use our AdWords API.

The following is taken from the Federal Trade Commission announcement regarding the export of AdWords campaigns at the time of the antitrust settlement:

Google has agreed to remove restrictions on the use of its online search advertising platform, AdWords, that may make it more difficult for advertisers to coordinate online advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

Advertisers who wish to use a search advertising platform spend considerable time, effort, and resources preparing extensive bids, including keywords, price information, and targeting information. Once an advertiser has entered the information necessary to create a search advertising campaign, the advertising platform sends critical data back to the advertisers that they need to evaluate the effectiveness of, and to further manage, their campaign. Advertising platforms use application programming interfaces, known as APIs, to give advertisers direct access to these advertising platforms so they can develop their own software programs to automatically manage and optimize their advertising campaigns.

In the past Google never permitted automated, batch copying of AdWords data in order to export the data to another advertising network. Google updated its AdWords API terms to reflect the FTC settlement agreement and removing the restrictions.